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rani mukherjee real open shirt

The video of Rani opening her shirt is now being talked all over yahoo.
The video looks very much real to me and i am very much disappointed
from my favourite star Rani Mukherjee.
The video is of small duration in GIF format. It starts with Rani in angry mood and
then she removes her cloths saying "Yeh lo".
I am showing a screen capture below
After aishwarya rai Rani Mukherjee is second actress to strip for a reputed
magazine. This video has shattered Rani's image in my mind. I will like to know
from Rani Mukherjee what was the need for her to do such type of Video.
After anara gupta, Ashmit patel sex scandals this video which is out on internet
is the most talked about subject. I am noticing that now a days film industry is
getting crazy. Shakti Kapoor, aman verma, ashmit patel, Riya sen and now
Rani Mukherjee joins the characterless actor's group.
I am very very sad and disappointed on this video.
In case this is not a real video of her then I have to say that who ever has made
this video has done a very good job of misguiding fans like me, who are
die hard fan of Rani Mukherjee.

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